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Premium 5G Wireless Internet

Whether we deliver service over our fiber infrastructure or wireless backbone, all of our packages offer the best download speeds and highest upload speeds. Get better Internet today!

Unmatched Speeds

Perfect for your home. We offer the fastest Download and Upload Speeds. No Provider can compete!

Best Prices

We will match your current Providers price or beat it! We help you get the package you want at the Price you deserve.

Advanced Technology

Internet built for the Next Generation. Our Service links to a Small Cell in your area providing you amazing connectivity and speed.

Which Plan is Right For You?

No Data Caps. No Throttling. Static IP Address.

Wireless 50

Casual Use



50mbps Download
50mbps Upload

  • Web Surfing and Email
  • Multiple HD Streams
  • 2 to 3 Users Online
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Wireless 75




75mbps Download
50mbps Upload

  • Live Online Gaming
  • 4k Streaming
  • 3 to 4 Users Online
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Wireless 100

Media Streaming



100mbps Download
50mbps Upload

  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, Zoom
  • Multiple 4k HD Streams
  • 5 or More Users Online
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Provide Local Customer Support?

Yes! We have Technicians and Support staff in multiple cities in South Texas.

Can I upgrade my package if I want more speed?

Yes! If you feel the need for speed you can always upgrade your account to a higher package.

Is 50 Mbps upload speed enough?

Yes! We offer the highest Upload speeds of any Internet Provider in the area for Residential Services. With more uploading and Video conferences happening, you will have plenty of Upload for your connection.

Can I use my own Router?

Yes! You can use your own Router if you would like. We recommend TP-Link Wireless Routers for our Service. We do not support Netgear or Linksys for our Internet Services.

Can I Cancel My Services If I am not satisfied?

You have 30 days to try out our Internet Services. If you cancel before 30 days, we will remove services and you will not be charged.

Do you add Extra Fees?

No! We charge the Texas Sales Tax and thats it! Without Extra Fees like other Providers, we help save you money.

What Our Customers are Saying

With Gigabit, Internet is super reliable and high speed!!! My family of six are all on the Internet at the same time with no problem!!! Excellent service!


Great internet service provider! The installers were very helpful and friendly and went above and beyond what they had to. Customer service is also great.


Great customer service and outstanding internet speeds. I have 20x’s the speed and no data cap and no throttling. Very happy with Gigabit!