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Metro Dark Fiber

Unlimited speed, capacity, and control to grow your network

Metro Dark Fiber connectivity with Gigabit Fiber provides the freedom to grow your network in a virtually unlimited and immediate fashion. It is scalable, secure and cost-effective, equipping you with the necessary controls to effectively manage your data communications infrastructure. For bandwidth-intensive users, Gigabit Fiber’s Dark Fiber allows you to scale bandwidth according to today’s demands while ideally positioning you for the demands of tomorrow.

Gigabit works with you—and for you—to enable your company to lease, IRU (Indefeasible-Right-to-Use) or own your own world-class fiber optic network, whether it’s fully ringed, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or meshed.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

  • Scalable – With technologies such as WDM, the only limit in capacity is what your equipment can provide.
  • Fixed Cost – 1Gb, 10Gb, 100Gb, and bandwidth are priced identically. The only limiting factor is the equipment you install—Dark Fiber is virtually unlimited in its capabilities.
  • Secure – Because you place the equipment on each termination point with Dark Fiber, you have full control.
  • Expandable – With over 350 route miles of underground Dallas Metro Dark Fiber already installed, you are able to expand rapidly at any time to other locations or at your current locations.
  • Freedom – The only factor that determines what protocols can be run and at what volume is the equipment installed on each end.
  • Control – You control every aspect of your services when you go with Dark Fiber. You schedule upgrades, maintenance windows, communications protocols and utilization levels according to your needs and best practices.
  • Purchase Options – Dark Fiber Lease, or Dark Fiber IRU options are available.

Metro Ethernet Transport

Gigabit Fiber’s Ethernet transport services apply a traditionally LAN-based technology to the WAN. With its low cost, flexibility, and familiarity, you can deploy a WAN with scalable-bandwidth between multiple locations. Gigabit Fiber’s Ethernet network is built upon Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) technology which provides sub-millisecond recovery times for the level of reliability your business demands.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet Transport

  • Scalable – Ethernet 1Gbps, 10 Gbps, and 100 Gbps connectivity over a WAN.
  • Expandable – Easily expand your connections to multiple locations or larger Ethernet connectivity.
  • Cost – Ethernet connections are traditionally more favorable than dedicated line connections for preferred connectivity.
  • Secure – Customer connections are provided across private VLANs ensuring your data is always private across the network.
  • Flexible – With multipoint connectivity, you are able to connect to multiple locations and eliminate the need of CPE at each location except yours.
  • Freedom – By utilizing the Ethernet WAN, you are no longer limited by what is available in your location. There are more service options at your fingertips.